Braces in children and adolescents

Braces? Very few children are initially enthusiastic when they are supposed to wear braces and young people in particular sometimes react very sensitively to them, because when they are teenagers, their own appearance is very important.

However, it is known that professionally crafted and properly used braces can be very effective. Very often the results are quite amazing . The result can therefore be worth all the effort. After all, the children and adolescents are rewarded with beautiful, functional teeth for the rest of their adult lives. It can therefore be worthwhile to introduce you to the need for braces from this perspective. For example, show you pictures of your favorite stars and point out their (mostly) perfect teeth. Also point out that very few naturally have such perfect teeth. In this way, you can also convince fashion-conscious teenagers of the value of braces and a visit to our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte.

In addition, it should be taken into account that orthodontic treatment methods are also continuously developing. In our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte we offer a whole range of different braces and techniques for children and adolescents. These are not only very painless, but can also be visually attractive and a real fashionable eye-catcher. Just think of colorful braces, although the motto for many children and adolescents is: the more colorful, the better! As a result, braces have long since become socially acceptable in school playgrounds. Even every second young person now wears so-called brackets, which are available in very different designs.

Together with you and your child or teenager, we will discuss in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte which option is best for your child . Ideally, children between the ages of ten and twelve come to us after a referral by the dentist so that we can find the most suitable treatment method together. In this phase all permanent teeth are already present, but the jaw is still growing.

Fixed braces basically have the advantage that the treatment time can be shortened, as the correct pressure is continuously exerted on the jaw and teeth in order to bring them into position in the truest sense of the word. In addition, parents do not have to keep an eye on whether young people in particular are wearing their braces. Therefore, the constant requests that the offspring should please wear their braces are superfluous. It has also been statistically proven that the willingness of children and adolescents to wear braces decreases over time. In this respect, a shorter treatment duration, such as that given by fixed braces, is preferable. Otherwise, around a third of adolescent patients discontinue treatment prematurely. In this case, nothing is gained.

Loose braces are only worn for a certain period of the day, ideally for 16 hours. This means that the brace must also be worn part of the day and not just at night. It can be removed by the patient at any time. Therefore, loose braces mean that the young patients have to cooperate and have discipline in order for the treatment to be successful. One advantage, however, is that oral hygiene is made much easier, since the patient can take out the braces himself and put it back in again.

Read here about the possibilities for children and adolescents in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte.

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