Crooked teeth in children

First of all, a great many children have crooked teeth. Deciduous teeth can be slightly rotated or at an angle, but you should note that the first permanent teeth are already the same size as in adults. The teeth mostly align as the jawbone grows. This is why the position of the teeth very often improves as the child gets older. According to some statistics, 80 percent of all children have crooked teeth, but that’s not necessarily a concern.

However, there are also cases of misaligned teeth for which treatment in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte is indicated. It must be taken into account that milk teeth have an important placeholder function for the future permanent teeth. If milk teeth have to be extracted early, the gaps may be too small for the permanent teeth. This requires, for example, orthodontic treatment.

Parents can make a significant contribution to ensuring that their child does not get crooked teeth. Long and frequent thumb sucking, for example, results in the thumb being pressed against the front part of the palate. The permanent pressure in turn creates stronger growth in the anterior palate. The result: the upper front teeth grow out of the jaw at an angle to the front. In this way, a so-called open bite can arise, so that the front and front posterior teeth no longer have proper contact. This makes it difficult to bite off. Using a pacifier for too long and too often can have the same adverse effect, or constant chewing on pens. Therefore, always use jaw-friendly pacifiers and wean the child from them completely from the age of three.

In the event of an open bite, early orthodontic treatment is required when the child is six to eight years old. This is also indicated in the following cases:

  • The lower posterior teeth are further out than the upper ones (so-called crossbite or scissor bite)
  • The lower front teeth stand in front of the upper (reversed front tooth step)
  • The lower jaw has an unnatural position because the position of the teeth results in this (forced bite)
  • Be aware of possible mouth breathing as a result of asthma or other ear, nose and throat diseases.
    With predominantly mouth breathing, there is no pressure of the lips on the teeth. The result is
    that teeth move forward. Therefore clarify mouth breathing with a general practitioner
    who should find out the cause.

First of all, ask your dentist whether he thinks orthodontic treatment is necessary. The dentist can assess whether crooked teeth are a temporary phenomenon due to the development of the jaw and teeth, or whether orthodontic intervention should be used.

In general, in our practice orthodontics in Berlin Mitte , if necessary, a loose braces for your child made that positively affects the growth of the jaw. The result is that the permanent teeth can grow in the correct position.

Careful oral and dental care and regular visits to the dentist are also important. They prevent the development of tooth decay and the premature loss of milk teeth. Teeth can migrate due to early loss of milk teeth. If the permanent teeth follow this migration of the teeth, it can happen that the teeth do not have enough space. As a result, misaligned teeth occur. Gaps should also be filled in the event of deciduous teeth being lost through accidents (for example during sports).

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