Fixed braces for adults

The upper and lower jaw should fit together harmoniously, otherwise there may be overload reactions. In addition, dental care is made much easier when the teeth are straight , as you can then easily reach the spaces between them. This in turn is a perfect prophylaxis against tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. If there is already inflammation of the gums or periodontitis, these should first be treated successfully, because otherwise orthodontic therapy can additionally loosen the teeth through the tooth movements.

Sometimes orthodontic treatment can even make dentures superfluous: For example, if the rear teeth are moved forward, it is sometimes possible to close gaps on the side. In this respect, too, adult patients can benefit from orthodontic measures such as fixed braces. This has long since become socially acceptable in the adult world and no longer has anything of a flaw.

Ceramic brackets

Nevertheless, many adults in our orthodontics practice in Berlin Mitte opt for ceramic brackets if they wear fixed braces, while teenage mouths often reveal metal plates on their teeth ( metal brackets ). The advantage is obvious: ceramic is much less conspicuous in terms of color. In addition, a practically opaque wire can be pulled through the plate so that almost nothing can be seen from the outside. It is also very easy to match the color of the ceramic to the shade of the teeth.

The disadvantage of ceramic brackets is that they are not quite as unbreakable as metal brackets , but it can be expected that this is less of a problem for adults than for children and adolescents. It should also be noted that ceramic brackets can discolour over time. It is also important that ceramic brackets are more cost-intensive than metal brackets . Statutory health insurances do not cover these costs for adults; if you have private health insurance, you need to clarify with the health insurance company whether it will provide a subsidy.

As an alternative, plastic brackets made of special plastic can also be a good option. Effective successes can also be achieved with this. Plastic brackets , like ceramic brackets, are practically invisible. With plastic brackets, significantly less pressure can be exerted on the jaw and teeth, but this can also be desirable in adults, for example if the jawbone has already been affected by periodontitis. Then the jaw and teeth should be moved with less pressure. Instead, work n we in our practice of orthodontics in Berlin Mitte , in this case with small screws to stabilize the teeth in the jawbone.


As with children and adolescents, the result of orthodontic treatment should also be stabilized over the long term in adults. For this purpose, in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte, for example, a wire or a splint is stuck onto the teeth from behind. These are so-called retainers , which are almost as important as the treatment itself. Teeth often have the property that they move over time, and it is difficult to estimate to what extent this will happen. That is why retainers are essential. If this is forgotten by the practitioner and the patient, it can easily happen that those affected need braces for the second time at some point. And what use is the best result if it cannot be sustained in the long term?

If you are interested in ceramic or plastic brackets, please contact us. We will discuss the respective advantages and disadvantages with you in detail in a personal conversation.

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