Braces for adults

Misalignments of the jaw and teeth do not only affect children and adolescents. These are also relatively common in adults . Some possible reasons for this could be: tooth loss due to tooth decay and / or periodontitis, accidents / sports accidents or grinding of teeth at night (so-called bruxism). In the case of existing gaps between the teeth, it can also happen that neighboring teeth “tip” into the gap and the dentition first has to be stabilized again before bridges and implants can be inserted. Sometimes adults also have misalignments of the jaw and teeth that result from childhood and adolescence and that they would like to have corrected in adulthood for various reasons.

As with children and adolescents, almost all jaw and tooth misalignments can be effectively corrected with the help of braces. The treatment is similar, however, especially in adults of advanced age, bone loss may already exist as a result of periodontitis. Then it may be necessary to fix the bit in the jawbone with additional small screws. Fixed braces are the means of choice for adults, as this makes it easier to move individual teeth or groups of teeth in the desired direction than with loose braces. The duration of treatment can also be significantly shortened by using fixed braces.

Most adults value a healthy jaw and beautiful, straight, even teeth, but do not want the treatment to be visible from the outside. The wish is therefore often expressed that the treatment should be carried out discreetly. In our orthodontics practice in Berlin Mitte, adults often choose the very inconspicuous ceramic or plastic brackets or transparent aligners that are attached to the inside of the teeth.

The increased desire for healthy jaws and teeth has a lot to do with a generally increased health awareness and in fact jaw and dental health as well as general health are closely related. Some patients are only relieved of migraine headaches through effective jaw and teeth correction, for which there seemed to be no reason for years. However, the cause of constant headaches can be the close connection between the temporomandibular joint, cervical spine and shoulder area. This is just one example of how general health and jaw and dental health are related.

In order to achieve lasting treatment success, the orthodontist depends on the cooperation of the adult patients: check-ups are due every four weeks, during which the fixed braces are readjusted. For a few days afterwards, it is possible that the teeth will press and pull as they are moved by the readjusted braces. On average, successful treatment takes about two to three years.

We are happy to assist you in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte with jaw and tooth corrections in adulthood. In fact, very effective and discreet orthodontic methods are now available to accommodate both the desire for efficient treatment and for discreet treatment. On request, we will advise you comprehensively and present all available methods to you in detail in a personal meeting. Just talk to us!

Below you will find more detailed information about fixed and invisible braces that are used in adults. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte.

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