Prevention in adults

The orthodontic practice Villa Donti in Berlin Mitte also offers comprehensive preventive orthodontic measures for adults.

One of the most common gum disease in adults is periodontal disease, commonly known as ” periodontal disease called”. Statistically, people over 40 lose an average of more teeth from periodontitis than from tooth decay.

With periodontitis it is possible that the gums initially become inflamed, start to bleed and then gradually retreat as a result of plaque and tartar formation as well as bacterial colonization. The natural tooth-gum boundary is damaged. In the end – if this process is not stopped – there will be tooth loss and damage to the jawbone. Tooth loss can in turn lead to aesthetic impairments, but also to functional impairments.

In the meantime it has also been proven that untreated periodontitis is in an unfavorable correlation with various general medical diseases. Cardiovascular diseases should be mentioned here, but also diabetes mellitus, rheumatic diseases, Alzheimer’s dementia and complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Untreated periodontitis can be the result of these diseases, but also favor them vice versa. These are some more good reasons to pay closer attention to our jaw, tooth and gum health. We will be happy to advise you in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte.

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Periodontal Disease in Pregnancy

There are now clear studies that show that periodontitis during pregnancy can be associated with premature births and a below-average birth weight of the child. It has been known since the 1990s that hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to loosening of connective tissue. As a result, the gums swell and bacteria can penetrate much more easily and cause the typical damage caused by periodontal disease. If a woman has periodontal disease before she becomes pregnant, the problem can worsen as the pregnancy progresses if left untreated.

Adequate oral hygiene and the use of toothbrushes, dental floss and interdental brushes are therefore all the more important during pregnancy. In addition, regular professional teeth cleaning by the dentist, which should take place every three months during pregnancy, is a prerequisite for treating periodontitis.

But what can we do about it? Basically, the dentist treats periodontitis while we take care of correcting any misalignment of the teeth. It is conceivable that teeth may grow out too far due to periodontitis and have to be pushed back into the jaw. There can also be a gap between the front teeth that should be closed again . This not only has aesthetic advantages, it also eliminates potential niches of dirt in which bacteria prefer to settle, dental care is made easier and the risk of new inflammations is reduced. But that is an important contribution to your general health and the health of your child.

The dentist decides whether orthodontic treatment makes sense after a successful periodontal treatment. In principle, orthodontic treatment in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte only takes place once the periodontal treatment at the dentist has been completed. Otherwise, additional tooth loosening can occur.

Parodontitis in advanced age

With increasing age, the risk of developing various chronic diseases also increases. An effective periodontal disease treatment is an essential building block that contributes to your general health. The health of the jaw, gums and teeth are closely related to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus and other diseases.

We use state-of-the-art methods to correct misalignments of teeth caused by periodontitis in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte , thus helping to avoid new foci of inflammation. Dental care is made easier as a result, aesthetic improvements and functional improvements are achieved.

Talk to us about this, we are happy to be at your disposal!

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