Early detection and prevention in children

Sucking, thumb sucking, mouth breathing, lisp, premature loss of baby teeth or incorrect swallowing – there are many bad habits in toddlers that can lead to misaligned jaws and teeth. Ideally, children get used to such so-called habits – bad habits – between the ages of five and seven at the latest. This creates the basis for successful treatment in our orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte.

The first point of contact to decide whether and when a child should see an orthodontist for the first time is the dentist. Basically, the earlier children are treated with orthodontics, the cheaper it is, because then, under certain circumstances, even small measures are sufficient to permanently stabilize the jaw and teeth. Examples of this are grinding splints , small braces or oral vestibule plates . If necessary, a cooperation with a competent speech therapist is indicated, because misalignments of the jaw and teeth often lead to speech defects from which your child suffers. So guarantee him the best start in life in this regard too by giving him the help he needs.

In our practice for We advise orthodontics in Berlin Mitte competently and in detail on the subject. The most common misalignments in early treatment between the ages of six and eight are cross bites and open bites. It is ideal when teeth are straight and seamlessly next to each other and fit harmoniously into the entire face and jaw. Cross bites, however, are characterized by the fact that the upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw. Normally, however, it should be the other way around. This results in your child having to shift their lower jaw to the right or left in order to be able to bite. The result is that the lower jaw grows crooked to the right or to the left, as the dentition adapts to habits over time. If children suck their thumbs for too long or use a pacifier for too long, the consequence may be that when they clench, the posterior teeth meet, but not the anterior teeth. This makes it difficult to bite properly because an opening is created. Lip or cheek malfunctions or mouth breathing can also be causes of such an open bite . The sooner this is corrected in our orthodontics in Berlin Mitte , the better. Of course, it is also essential that the habits that caused the malpositions are eliminated.

Orthodontic early detection and prevention are very important, but small children in particular often react anxiously when they have to go to the dentist or orthodontist for the first time. Our team is specially trained to deal with our little patients. We sensitively introduce your child to the treatment. The friendly practice equipment with a play area, child-friendly information about orthodontics and dental health, funny picture books about jaws and teeth and other interesting things to discover also ensure a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.

In this way, your child gets to know the orthodontic practice in Berlin Mitte as a friendly place. This is a good prerequisite for successful treatment to take place. The modern methods are also practically painless, so there is really nothing to fear. However, it is best to carefully prepare your child for the visit to the orthodontist by arousing their curiosity and positive associations. For example, show him pictures of people with perfect set of teeth and perfect teeth and introduce the visit to the orthodontist as something that will help him get such set of teeth.

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